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Trend Discovery is an investment fund that leverages advanced algorithms and AI to identify trends in the energy, finance, and crypto spaces. By analyzing large amounts of data, it can quickly identify market opportunities, generate returns, and manage risk through diversification. The fund’s ability to adapt in real-time is one of its key advantages, enabling it to adjust its portfolio and capitalize on emerging trends. Trend Discovery’s dynamic approach to investing has proven successful, consistently outperforming traditional investment strategies. It offers a unique and innovative investment approach that is designed to deliver strong returns while managing risk effectively. Whether investing in renewable energy, financial services, or cryptocurrencies, Trend Discovery is a fund that offers a diverse and balanced portfolio.

About the Team

Brad Hoagland
Ray Ebert
Jeff Ridings
Steve Walkinshaw - Photo

Brad Hoagland

President Trend Discovery Holdings
Mr. Hoagland founded Trend Discovery in 2011, Trend Discovery was initially founded as a hybrid hedge fund earning a track record of out performing the S&P 500. Mr. Hoagland spent six years as a Senior Associate at Prudential Global Investment Management (PGIM), working in both PGIM’s Newark, NJ and London, England offices. Mr. Hoagland holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Ray Ebert

Managing Member
Mr. Ebert is the managing member of Trend Ventures and works closely alongside Mr. Hoagland to manage and oversee the day to day operations within Trend Discovery Holdings. Ray is an entrepreneur and investor with a passion for creating and adding value to assets while generating reliable cash flow that is also tax efficient. He owns and manages a portfolio of multi-family investment real estate in addition to being a long time investor in Trend Discovery LP.

Jeff Ridings

Head Geologist
Mr. Ridings has served as President of Exploration at Trend Discovery Exploration for 3 years. Mr. Ridings brings 13 years of experience as a petroleum geologist in exploration, field operations, team management, and new venture / M&A evaluation. Before coming to Trend Discovery Exploration, Mr. Ridings was president at White River Exploration, an active public energy exploration group focused on Gulf Coast and Permian Basin trends.

Steve Walkingshaw

Consulting Geoscientist
Mr. Walkinshaw is a consulting geoscientist based in the greater Jackson, Mississippi area. Mr. Walkinshaw graduated from Millsaps College in 1981 and has 42 years of experience in oil & gas exploration and development. He is a Registered Professional Geologist in the State of Mississippi, a Licensed Professional Geoscientist in the State of Louisiana, and an AAPG / DPA Certified Petroleum Geologist. Mr. Walkinshaw is a widely recognized LinkedIn geoscience influencer with over 3,500 professional followers.
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